Zephyr: a world of air

Zephyr was established as a company specialising in the production of airbrushes and airpens for spray painting and decorating and later opened up to the manufacture of other products associated with the compressed air world.

Care with the production of every single piece and attention to the individual needs of our clients allow us to offer and guarantee our products in terms of quality, life and reliability in a 100% Italian product.

Customer satisfaction is also ensured by our support and consultancy service to provide our clientele with our extensive knowhow.
  •  Quality. In the finishes and processes.
  •  Long life. Thanks to our high-quality raw materials.
  •  Reliability. Professional tools that are also suitable for expert DIYers.
  •  100% Made in Italy
rotante 2 bracci orizzontali
Rotary blowers
2 linear vanes
rotante 4 bracci orizzontali
Rotary blowers
4 linear vanes
rotante 2 bracci inclinati
Rotary blowers
2 inclined vanes
rotante 4 bracci inclinati
Rotary blowers
4 inclined vanes