Rotary blowers - 4 inclined vanes

Rotary blowers 4 inclined vanes

Aluminium body fitted with high-speed, low-friction bearings to guarantee snappy response times and high rotation fluidity.

Also fitted with a metal dust guard to prevent entrance of dirt. This article does not require any particular maintenance operations and performs perfect cleaning of the smoothed board just before the next finishing operations.

The rotating vanes are made of brass and the airflow exit nozzle has a 1.25 mm bore, while the standard inclination of the terminal part of the vanes is 120°.

Body Details

Body: Aluminium

Body thread: M 28 x 1,5

Body diameter: 35 mm
Total height: 54 mm

Rotary Vane Details

Rotary vanes: Brass

Nozzle hole: 1,25 mm
Total height: 65 mm

Vane inclination: 120°

Vane Width Dimensions

120 mm

170 mm
rotante 2 bracci orizzontali
Rotary blowers
2 linear vanes
rotante 4 bracci orizzontali
Rotary blowers
4 linear vanes
rotante 2 bracci inclinati
Rotary blowers
2 inclined vanes
rotante 4 bracci inclinati
Rotary blowers
4 inclined vanes